Classic Manicure

Our no frills manicure includes cuticle clean-up, trimming, shaping and buffing of the nail, lotion application, & polish.   $15

Gel Manicure

Includes everything in our classic manicure using LED-cured gel polish instead of regular polish. This will give you a shiny, chip-resistant manicure lasting approximately 2 weeks.   $30


Classic Pedicure

For our classic pedicure, just the basics here. We will trim your cuticles, trim, shape, and buff your nails, scrub your heels, massage your legs, & polish your nails.   $26

Relaxation Spa Pedicure

In addition to our classic pedicure, treat yourself to a pumice exfoliating scrub, cooling ice mask, extra hot towels, & an luxurious lotion massage.   $35

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Basics + sugar scrub + detoxifying menthol mask + hot towels + lotion massage + hot stones.   $45

Collagen Spa Pedicure

Basics + sea salt soak + sugar scrub + mud masque + callus remover + massage cream + hot stones. Includes a 6-step VOESH Pedi System in the scent of your choice. Available in cucumber, green tea, lavender, and olive.    $55

Herbal Spa Pedicure

Basics + essential oil infused soak + herbal scrub + massage cream + hot stones. Great for circulation, relaxation, and invigorating skin. Available in rosemary, green tea, ginger root, and lemongrass.   $55

Nu Pedicure

Treat your dry skin & heels with moisturizing NuSkin products. Includes an herbal mineral bath, lufra exfoliating scrub, icedancer gel, fire walker foot cream, hot towels, baobab body butter, sole solution foot cream, and paraffin.   $60

*Add gel polish to any pedicure for an additional $15
*Add paraffin to any pedicure for an additional $5

Artificial Nails

Acrylic Nails

This popular option has been around since the 70s. When applied to your nail, the acrylic formula hardens creating a strong, long-lasting nail.

Full Set $28+ | Overlay $26+ | Fill-In $19+

Liquid Gel Nails

Liquid gel nails have been gaining popularity as a lighter, yet durable alternative to acrylic nails. They give your nails a more natural appearance and especially look great if you like to wear your nails with no polish or French as it has a smooth and shiny finish to it.

Full Set $45+ | Overlay $40+ | Fill-In $25+

Powder Gel Nails

This popular option has been around since the 70s. When applied to your nail, the acrylic formula hardens creating a strong, long-lasting nail.

Full Set $38+ | Overlay $35+ | Fill-In $22+

Pink & White or Ombre Nails

Pink & White nails are done with pink & white acrylic, sculpted in a way to give your nails a permanent French appearance.

Full Set $55+ | Fill-In $40+
(A Fill-In with pink powder only is $28)

*Add gel polish to any full set or fill-in for an additional $10
**Take off with full set is an additional $5
***Shaping stilettoalmond, or coffin shaped nails is an additional $5

Dip Powder Nails

Dip Powder, Natural Nails

The newest nail technique that’s a happy medium between gel polish and artificial nails. Dip powders and formulated without harsh chemicals and added vitamins to help strengthen your nails in the long run. They are thicker and more durable than gel polish, yet thinner and more lightweight than artificial nails. They require no use of a UV or LED light and the removal process is a soak in pure acetone and the product dissolves right off (no scraping!).

Natural nails $38 | With extensions $43


Polish Change

For an in-and-out service, we’ll simply shape, buff and polish your nails.

Nails $8 | Toes $10

Polish Change, Gel

Shape, buff and polish your nails with our LED-cured gel polish that will give them a shiny finish and should last approximately 2 weeks (even longer on toes)!

Nails $23 | Toes $25

*Cut Down with polish change is an additional $2

Child Care

For children 10 and under





Polish Change

Nails $6 | Toes $8
Gel Polish Nails $20

À La Carte Options

French or American   $5

Nail Art   $3+

Repair   $5+

Take Off, Artificial Nails, Dip, or Gel Polish   $10

Cut Down   Nails $5  |  Toes $9

Paraffin   Hands $5  |  Feet $8


Eyebrows   $10

Upper Lip   $7

Eyebrows & Upper Lip   $16

Chin   $10+

Complete Face   $30

Under Arm   $15

Lower Arms & Hands   $25

Full Arms & Hands  $35

Lower Leg   $35

Full Leg   $60

Bikini   $30+

Brazilian   $50+

Back or Chest   $45+

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